Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The blogosphere is alive with giving gratitude, isn't it great?  I love this time of year when we all sit back and count our blessings and realize how very much we have to be grateful for.

I am so grateful to be here, to share this space with each of you.  I am thankful that I have the gift of gab and can put those words into print and that you each care about what I write.

I am thankful for the many opportunities this blog has given me and my family and each of you.

If it ended tomorrow I would be okay though.  I am most thankful for the friends I have made here and my wonderful family.

These people, they are what it is all about.

So today I am going to make a lot of pies and rolls and ham and get ready to host Thanksgiving at my house this year.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Have a glorious and safe weekend...I'll see you on Monday.

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