Friday, November 13, 2009


It's cold today.  Like, right now it is 25 degrees and will hopefully reach 42 by the end of the day.  That is cold folks.  However, I am reminded that in no time I will be thinking that 42 degrees is downright balmy.  Winters in Utah really kick my trash and leave me dreaming of warmer Arizona.  Except that it gets up to eleventymillion degrees in the summer and I can't handle that either. blurg.

Yesterday was a not so great day.  We found out some things that had been happening at Seth's school with another child.  It made me cry and hurt and want to keep my son home forever where I can protect him.  I am so glad he was brave and told us what was happening.  I am sad for this other little boy who obviously has something big going on with him.

That prompted a cookie making, hot chocolate and egg nog buying and eating kind of day.


My serger is dying.  This would not be a big deal if I didn't use it everyday for my business.  But I do and it is essential.  I am going to go to the local sewing shops and try out and check out different sergers.  Do you all have any recommendations?  I don't have a ton to spend, although I would REALLY like to get this one, but seeing as how I can't find out how much it is, I doubt I will be able to.


There is no school today and I am grateful.  Loralee is going to come over and have lunch.  The children and I are going to clean the playroom and I just might gorge myself on cookies.  How about you, what are your plans?  But really, what are your serger recommendations?  Because I really need a good one that won't cost an arm and a leg.

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