Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Maddie

Birthdays are supposed to be happy days.  They are days to remember and celebrate life. They are days to watch our children gorge themselves on cake and ice cream and be excited about gifts and phone calls and time with Mom and Dad.  Birthdays are special and fun.

Except when it's a birthday for your child that has died.  Then it is just hard.  Especially that first birthday after your child is gone.  That really sucks.

Today is my friend Heather's, baby girl, Maddie's birthday.  She is 2 today.  She has been gone for 7 months 4 days.  Her Mama and Daddy will remember her today with video, pictures, and all the empty spots in their home.  They will laugh when they remember her being silly and cry when they think of what they've missed, what they miss now, and what they will miss in the future.

I am closing the comments today and ask that you please go on over and share your love and support with Heather today.  I know how hard those birthdays are, give her the love and support you always give me.

For Maddie's birthday, all sales of pillowcase dresses or repurposed dresses from my Etsy shop through next Wednesday, will be donated to Friends of Maddie.