Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old Wive's Tale

About a year ago my little brother told me to rub Vick's on the bottoms of my kids feet and then put socks on when they have a cough.  I thought, "that's a good idea, if it works. I bet it is just an Old Wive's Tale" and then promptly forgot.
Until last night.
Three of my four children are sick.  Coughing, fevering, miserable with a cold sick.  Elliott has an ear infection, Libby has a fever and Seth sounds like a foghorn as he blows his nose.
There was no sleep to be found on Monday night...unless you were Amelia and then you slept like a rock...that girl always does.
Last night as I was solo parenting and listening to my babies cough after their showers, I remembered that long forgotten tip.
I dug out the Baby Vicks and got to work.  Slathered on her feet and cozied up with socks, Libby was ready for bed.  As long as it was in my bed.  I didn't care as long as she would sleep.
Seth was coughing and coughing and coughing. He couldn't fall asleep.  I rubbed his feet, put on socks and didn't hear peep out of him the rest of the night.  Except when he was sleep walking into the girls' closet and nearly scared me to death thinking someone was trying to break down the front door.
Vicks on the feet -- Old Wives Tale?  Well, there is a reason why these tales have stuck around for so long.  They work.
Coughs, bring it on. I am ready tonight with my Vicks and warm socks.

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