Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Comfort

When I say the words Holiday Comfort, what do you think? The first thoughts that came to my mind were cozying up with hot cocoa or cider, watching the first real snowfall of the year.  The big fat flakes floating lazily from the sky, landing in billowy softness and coating the world with white and quiet.
Singing Let it Snow! and really meaning it, or White Christmas and feeling sorry for the poor saps who find themselves not living in a place where a White Christmas is not only possible, but normal
This is my first year as one of those poor saps I had always pitied.  And to be honest, it has me in a bit of a holiday funk.  I am so excited for Thanksgiving because we are having family here visiting.  But Christmas is a different story.
We are in a new State, far away from any family at all, and in a climate I am still not used to.  While I don't mind not shoveling, it is just going to be so strange to be able to wear sandals on Christmas.  I don't know how to get into the spirit of the season without the cold weather.
Knowing my friends and family are all much wiser than I am, I posed the question on Facebook and Twitter - what comes to your mind when I say Holiday Comfort?
I loved the responses.  While several people replied with slippers, cozy sweaters and blankets, watching the snow fall and fires in the fire place (all things that just won't happen here!), there were other responses that helped me to redefine my definition of holiday comforts.
Gathering with family was a main theme I read.  Baking, eating, drinking (cider, cocoa and a few stronger drinks in there too!), and listening to Christmas Music.  Putting up decorations, lights, trees, stockings.  Making memories with our families that will last a lifetime.  I think my favorite response came from our favorite babysitter in Logan.  She is a sweet 16 year old girl who responded, "Christmas is the one day my family doesn't fight... that's why it's my favorite :)".
Yep, that is my definition of a Holiday Comfort.  A time to be together, to have peace in our homes despite what the weather is doing.  It doesn't have to do with how hot or cold it is, but what we are doing as a family.  As I think back on Holiday's past, it isn't what was happening outside that made it so special, but what was going on inside.  Making gingerbread houses, my kids playing by the tree, being sneaky about gifts, giving to others, and writing letters to Santa.  This is what makes the season so special for us.
Of course, you may come over here during the Holidays to find the A/C cranked up so I can justify wearing some of my hand knit's that I love so much.
But regardless, we will string lights, make goodies, sing Christmas songs and enjoy being together, the most comfortable place to be.
What are some of your holiday comforts?  The things you can't live without? What makes it so special for you?

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