Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr. Elliott

Today Elliott is 7 months old.  I do not know how that is possible given he was just born YESTERDAY.  Seriously, it has gone so fast.  Maybe it feels faster this time than in the past because I know this is the last time I will do this.  Or maybe it goes this fast every time, but like the intensity of labor, I have forgotten.
Regardless - here it is.  Seven months old.  He sits, scoots on his belly, rolls over, laughs easily, and has a smile for long as Mama is holding him.
He is getting his first two bottom teeth right now.  They have yet to break through, but I can see their pearly signs on his gums.  He talks up a storm and loves his siblings.
He still doesn't like when I have dairy - something we found out the hard way with a week of eating out and other people cooking.  Poor boy is breaking out in his tell tale rash on his face and trunk.
Even so, he is still the sweetest little boy ever.
This is a month filled with anxiety and anticipation for me.  In 1 month and 8 days he will be the same age as Emma.  In 1 month and 9 days he will have lived longer than she did.  Coupled with her birthday coming up on December 15, I may be found curled up in bed nursing him more than  usual.  I think that is okay though. Because look at could I not??

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