Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My Mom has often told me that I am a "bloom where you're planted" kind of girl.  I tend to make the best of any situation and make wherever I am my home.  This is something I have had a lot of practice with.
When I was 10 we moved to another State, and really another world.  From a big town to a small town.  From Nebraska to southern Kansas.  From corn fields to..well...nothing really.  I grew to love that town and the friends I made there.  I knew I didn't want to live there forever, but really enjoyed my time there. When I was just months shy of 16, we moved again.  This time to Utah. I fought the move. I cried, I begged, I pleaded. I didn't want to leave my friends, those people who had become my family.  As we crossed the plains and headed into the hills then mountains, I felt so small and insignificant.  I had never been around something as majestic as mountains. My first day of school left me in tears and feeling even smaller than I had ever thought possible.  I went from a high school of 700 students in 4 grades to one with 2000+ students in 3 grades.  How could I survive this change?  There were so many people. How could I get to know anyone at all? Pulling up my bootstraps, I did just what I had to. I made friends, I joined Musical Theater, I was active in school and made the best of it.  I made friends, had crushes on boys, went to dances, and made memories that I will never forget. Those experiences have served me well in my life. Since graduating from High School (16 years ago!!!) I have moved about 15 times.  Each time there was the period of awkwardness in my new surroundings.  There were the times when I didn't know anyone, didn't feel like I fit, felt too hot or too cold, just uncomfortable. But every time, I was able to make where I was living my home.  I was able to bloom where I was planted. I may not be able to bloom as a Lilac here in the Texas Desert, but I hear Cactus Flowers are really quite beautiful.

Psst - you can also find me here today talking about my "big" family!

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