Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Style :: Let's PLAY!

The weather has started to cool down a bit, it was only about 98F last night, so we have been taking advantage of the nice weather and playing outside again!

This one loves playing basketball with Daddy.  And by playing basketball, I mean bouncing the ball back and forth.  Look how patiently she is waiting for that ball!

This is my monkey.  We have a huge tree in our front yard, and he loves to climb it.  Once he's climbed it, he just jumps down, about 5 feet or so, to the ground.  No fear.

And this sweet girl is just so happy that she climbed the tree all by herself!!! But, when it came time to get down....she looked a little more like this:

And all that excitement of climbing the tree was gone :)  She made it down with Mama's help, and will try again, I am sure!

Now for the fashion part. I have to laugh when I write that because I am no fashionista, and really neither are my kids.  They just grab what they like and wear it.  It often makes for interesting combinations, especially with Libby.

On Seth:
Shirt - Kohls
Shorts - Grandma Made
Shoes - New Balance

On Libby:
Shirt - Jock's Nitch in Lawrence, KS (gotta have our Jayhawk Gear!)
Pants - Walmart
Shoes - Target

On Amelia:
Shirt - Old Navy
Skirt - Walmart
Attitude - all her!

I am linking up with Mama Loves Papa Small Style today.  You totally should join in the fun, what better excuse to take pictures of your kiddos??

*Also, please go read my newest post on breastfeeding.  I would love to have your thoughts.


ingrid said...

They look sweet having their tree climbing adventures. What fun!

designHER Momma said...

"only 98", tee hee!