Monday, April 25, 2011

Difference 9 Weeks Makes

I have been lucky to do 2 belly casts with my pregnancies. 

The first one I did was when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Amelia.  This one has been displayed proudly in my home for the last 4 years.

I wanted to do one with Seth and Libby, but they were both born before I had the chance to do it.

Right before we moved to Texas, my dear friend, Heidi, gave me a belly casting kit making me promise I would use it.

So, at 37 weeks, Jeremy and I did the belly cast.

I was shocked to look at the two casts next to each other and see the difference 9 weeks makes in a pregnancy.

Our bodies are amazing aren't they?  I am so grateful that my body can and does grow and change to have these sweet babies.  So blessed indeed.


esmith said...

that is cool idk who u r but pretty cool.

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Love reading your posts about children and pregnancy. Such a lovely thing to read a woman who is grateful for the gift of children, rather than complaining. So often you hear the dread people feel about pregnancy, children, what a pain, what a burden, etc. Thanks for your uplifting posts, they are wonderful - the joy you have in your children is apparent. God Bless you, I am still praying for a healthy, happy birth!

Erika Peterson said...

That's incredible!

Cheri said...

AMAZING!!! Can't wait to meet that little guy...

Tender Heart Bear said...

That is really amazing on how are bodies can stretch like that. But the most amazing part of it is when the baby is born. The little life that you have been carrying inside you all those weeks. That is the best part of it.

Elaine A. said...

So, is it "go time" yet? ;) You've made it farther than ever before now, right!?

That is pretty cool to see the difference with your casts - wow!

So good to see you and pat your precious belly this weekend. Can't wait to meet that baby boy!!! :D