Saturday, April 9, 2011


Days after Emma's death, I received this Willow Tree Angel.

This is called Angel's Embrace.  My nephew, who was almost 3, looked at it and gingerly touching the head of the baby said, Baby Emma.

I cried.

I cried a lot in those days.


I have a curio cabinet in my bedroom and it has sat empty since we moved into our new home.  I unpacked her hand and foot molds, her sweet hats and a few other trinkets that reminded me of Emma. But, other than that, it has sat empty.

Today, I opened it up and dusted off the shelves and opened my box of Willow Tree Angels.  I unpacked each of my angels and placed them on the shelf.  I have done this before.  We have moved several times in the last 7 years, so this is not something new.

However, when I got to this angel today, I started to cry.  I no longer thought of this being Emma when she died being held by an Angel, but instead, Emma holding her baby brother who is getting ready to come to Earth.

I thought of my sweet girl who is there to see off each of her siblings and cousins as they are coming into the world.  I thought of my sweet angel who is there to meet her Great-Grandparents and one day Grandparents as they leave this world.

I thought of my darling daughter.  My first born.  The one that first made me a Mother.

I thought of her heart and how she must feel watching us here on Earth.  How she must feel watching her brother and sisters get hugs and kisses from Jeremy and me.  How she must feel not being here, but knowing hers is a bigger mission to fill.

I wonder if she misses us as much as we miss her.


tawnya said...

I love you.

Morgan -Ing said...

I imagine she does miss you terribly. Thankfully she has her Heavenly parents to hold her and comfort her and blessed be, she knows her siblings are well taken care of on earth. :)

Tender Heart Bear said...

I am sure she misses you just as much as you miss her. She is your Guardian Angel watching over your family.

Kalli Ko said...

Bless your heart Kim! The Nub was born a few months after one of my best friends lost her baby girl 30 min after birth due to Trisomy 18. When she visited me in the hospital I remarked that I was sure Kate had sent the Nub with a special message to give her mom that she wasn't too far. The veil is so thin with newborns, I know we are surrounded by angels especially in those tender first moments. I'm sure she was there for the birth of all her siblings as they were there for hers.

Carrie said...

Beautiful. Just so beautiful and full of love.

Abe Saves said...

I know she does. Sending my love to you and your sweet family.

mommabird2345 said...

This is beautiful.

I'm sure she is with all of you and misses you, but for her, time is but an instant, and you will all be together forever.

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

I am sure she misses you, but is entirely filled with the love of the Lord at the same time. She is your special intercessor - I bet she is watching over you all and makes sure her siblings get the very best guardian angles heaven has to offer.
I have only been a regular reader for a while, but I have come to look forward to your posts, and pray that you have peace and happiness in this life, while you wait to join your daughter in the next. Blessings ~

Elaine A. said...

She is definitely an angel for you all... so beautiful Kim.