Monday, February 7, 2011

Life is a Special Occasion

How often have you thought that life is a special occasion?  If you're like me, not much.

I mean really, how is changing poopy diapers, making breakfast, lunch, dinner and a thousand snacks in between and then cleaning up all those messes, doing yard work, running errands, vacuuming, dusting and every other thing in between, a special occasion?

I think it's the moments we find in those moments that make life so special.

Saturday was a typical Saturday around here.  Sewing, cleaning, grocery shopping, cleaning, playing and more cleaning.

Jeremy decided to clean out the van, and by clean it, I mean he detailed it.  Took out all the seats and cleaned it.  That could have been the end, but my sweet boy saw something completely different.  A stage.


A seemingly ordinary moment of detailing out the car, became something special.
At Blissdom, Hallmark was there and introduced their newest campaign, Life is a Special Occasion.  I love this so much.  Since then, it has gotten me thinking about the special occasions in my life that happen everyday.

When my children give me spontaneous hugs and kisses and "I love you's".  When they play with each other without fighting.  When my sweet husband does the dishes and gets the kids ready for bed so I can work (or relax).

What are some special  occasions in your life that you might be overlooking?  How is life a special occasion for you?

I really want to know, what are we missing by not paying attention?

While at Blissdom, Hallmark also gave me a coupon code I could share with all of you.  This is good for 30% off of anything in their online store - Bliss30.

**Disclosure - Hallmark gave me nothing to write this post.  I just really love their new campaign and wanted to get my readers thinking about what constitutes a special occasion for them.


nicole said...

Fun kids! And good music. ;)

Tanya Taylor said...

If you haven't yet seen the One Thousand Gifts video, its a must! I put it on the side of my blog to watch it often and remember to enjoy and cherish every. little. moment.

pc said...

this is a sweet entry. reminded me to slow down my pace and enjoy every, little, special, moment of my kids...