Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding my Bliss

Coming home from Blissdom, I have had a lot to think about.  What am I?  Am I a writer, a creator, a business woman, just another Mama blogger?  What do I want this space to be?  What do I want my Etsy shop to be?  Like I said, no lack of things to contemplate.

As is normal for me, I took virtually NO pictures the entire time.  I was too busy learning, laughing, enjoying the company of friends and sleeping.  Yes, sleeping.

Turns out if you go to a conference when you are 26 weeks pregnant, you will be VERY tired and crave your bed a lot.

I attended a lot of writing workshops, hoping to improve my skills and keep you fabulous people entertained and reading.

I am going to put the things I learned into practice and instead of giving you a boring blow by blow of what I is my top 10 list of Blissdom.

10. When going to Blissdom beware of the feeling of being outside.  You are not actually outside when staying at the Gaylord Opryland hotel, you WILL need to step out into the cold for fresh air.

9. Remember to bring your laptop.  If you don't you will have to rely on the kindness of your roommate to get your work done (ahem, Loralee).

8. Have a goal in mind for what you want to learn.  There are always more workshops you want to attend than you can.  

7. Try not to get overwhelmed by all the information you will receive.  Take notes, absorb as much as you can, and be sure to have some knitting and/or chocolate to get you through.

6. Pack light so you have room to take home all the chocolate you will abscond from the registration desk.

5. Find all the other pregnant ladies and get a belly shot.

4. Find your best friends and love on them lots.  If you don't, you will regret it when you get home.

3. Put yourself "out there" to make new friends.  You will be so happy you did when you start laughing so hard your sides hurt and you think you're going to wet yourself.

2. Take naps when you need to.  But be sure that you don't sleep through the closing keynote because when you do you will feel like CRAP.  Then when you learn you missed the FLASH MOB you will cry for weeks to come.
1. Thank those who sent you to the conference PROFUSELY and thank your lucky stars daily that you were able to go and soak in all the Bliss.
Even though I don't have any pictures to show for it, I had a fabulous time.  Thank you again to Kleenex for sending me to Blissdom and helping me find my Bliss.


Rachel said...

I wish that I had loved on you more.
I adore you so much.
Every single time that I saw you -- it made me happy.


VDog said...



It was delightful to see you my dear.