Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moving Week

I know I said I was done for 2 weeks...but I have all these thoughts swirling in my head and heart and had to put it down into words, because that is how I process things, through writing....

The packers come tomorrow. 

They load the moving truck on Tuesday.

We clean on Wednesday and Thursday.

We leave for our 3 hour day tour on Friday.

I can't believe it's already here.  My heart is torn.  I love it here, I really do.  I know where I fit, and what to do here.  I have lots of friends, I have babysitters, I know where everything is. 

I am scared to leave.  I am scared to start over somewhere new.  I am excited for this new adventure and friends that will greet me in our new home.

But, but, but...

This is the last night we will sleep in this house.

This house...

This house where my kids have grown.  The only house they remember. 

The house where Libby was born, learned to crawl, walk, & talk.

This house where Seth grew from toddler to boy.  Where he learned to read, write, ride a bike, and started school.

This house where Amelia went from baby to little girl.  This house where she learned to use the potty, pump herself on the swing and learned the fine art of story telling.

This house that I love so much.

But as I think about it, it is not so much the house I love, but the people and memories that it has held.

I guess when I think of it this way, it is okay because they will all be with me.

I will see you all when I am in sunny Texas.  Have a wonderful New Year.

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