Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't get cocky.

6:45 pm - Amelia falls asleep.  Do a small victory dance and then remember the other two that I have to wrestle into bed.

7:30 pm - Seth is tired and cold, send him to bed.  He goes to sleep without a fight.  This is a miracle in and of it's self.

7:45 pm - Libby wants to go "seep wif Mia", so I send her in, sing her a few songs and she is out.

8:00 pm. - Feeling pretty good about myself, settle down with some knitting and pat myself on the back.

8:45pm 10:00 pm - Libby wakes up crying every 30 minutes.  Go in and comfort her, give her a drink of water and tuck her in.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

10:00 pm - get settled in bed and start to fall asleep.

10:05 pm - Libby wakes up (again) bring her into my bed so we can both get some sleep.

10:06 pm - hear the cat in the sink cleaning the dishes I didn't get done.  Get up and shoo him out so he doesn't end up puking all over my house.

10:08 pm - settle back in bed.

10:09 pm - Libby wakes up screaming (can she really wake up when she's only been in my bed for 4 minutes?) and demands to go back to her bed.

10:11 pm - give up trying to keep her in my bed and take her back to hers. Get her settled with a drink and blankets.

10:12 pm - hear running up the stairs that can only mean Seth is awake. great.

10:15 pm - go into my room ready to crash and remember Seth is in my bed.  Pick him up (dang he is big) and carry him back downstairs (and try not to trip over the cat on the stairs) to his bed. Give him a kiss and tell him good night.

10:17 pm - shoo the cat out of the sink again and curse myself for not taking care of those dishes earlier.

10:18 pm - collapse into bed, cover up and immediately hear Libby screaming again.

10:19 pm - assess the Libby situation, see she has a fever, give some ibuprofen and pray she will sleep now.

10:25 pm - had 6 glorious minutes of peace only to be awaken by the wails of my youngest again.

10:26 pm - 5:00 am - restless sleep with 2 feverish girls in my bed.  Be sure to stay on one side all night so that Libby doesn't move and is happy.  Think about how everyone will be feeling better in the morning and I can go to the chiropractor to get myself adjusted and feeling better.

5:00 am - Seth informs me he is awake and wants to play Wii right now. I tell him absolutely not and to go back to bed.

5:01 am - 7:00 am - resume my very restless sleep.

7:00 am - awaken by a text (or two) from my darling dearest love of my life.

8:00 am - get up and get Seth ready for school.

8:05 am - as he is getting ready to get dressed, Seth throws up.

8:06 am - realize today is going to be just as awesome as the last 4 days.  Yay.

8:07 am - inform my sweet boy he doesn't get to go to his class party, or say goodbye to any of his school friends, or see his school again before we move.

8:09 am - cry and curse Jeremy for not being home today instead of tomorrow.

Here is my lesson for all of you.  Don't get cocky when your kids go to bed easily.  It will bite you in the butt.

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