Thursday, October 14, 2010

Help for Another

When Emma died, I was very blessed to be surrounded by some amazing women.  They were not women I had ever met in person, but were like sisters to me.  They were my sisters on an due date forum - the January 2003 Mommies.

These women were amazing and lifted me up through a very difficult time in my life.  They sent food, bracelets with Emma's name, monetary donations (enough that they paid for her headstone!), phone calls, cards, letters and prayers.

One thing I cherish to this day is a book they made for me.  They took every post, every comment, everything they could find about Emma and printed it off and put it together in a book for me.  It was  is so comforting to go back and read these words, the words of hope and peace and love from my sisters.

My dear friend Loralee has brought an awful situation to my attention.  There is another grieving Mama, her name is Jill.  She just buried her sweet son and now there are those on the internet who are attacking her.  They are attacking her decisions as a Mother and blaming her for the death of her child.

I have had people do that to me.  It is not fun and it hurts.  It makes me so angry to see another Mama who is going through unspeakable pain to have to defend her decisions to people she doesn't even know.

Loralee has started a Letters of Love campaign to show this Mama just how great the internet can be.  All you need to do is write Jill a note.  Let her know she is not alone, let her know she is loved, send her love through an email.  Loralee and Jill's friend, Kristine, will then print the emails off and bind them into a book for Jill. 

This small act of kindness can bring more love and light into Jill's life than you know.

I am closing comments on this post.  Instead of writing to me, go write to Jill.  Send your email to subject Letters of Love before Sunday evening.

I know I can count on each of you to show her the same love and support you have shown me.

Thank you each so much.