Sunday, October 3, 2010

Babywearing; I Promise It's Safe!

Oh my dear friends, you know I love to wear my babies, right?  I mean come on, I not only wear them but make slings and encourage everyone I know to wear their babes!

It makes me so sad when I see babywearing being attacked in the news.  It is tragic that some parents don't know how to safely wear their babies.  It breaks my heart that babies have died while being worn by their loving parents.

It really makes me crazy though that the CPSC is going after all babywearing devices.  We need to do something.

Steph, of Adventures in Babywearing, has declared this to be International Babywearing Month!  And since she is Adventures in Babywearing, I think she can do that :)

From the BCIA: "Truly, it [babywearing] does not require special skill. There is no "if done properly." We are working to ensure that babies are kept safe all the time, and babies in slings are safe. They are in the safest space besides a mother's arms.

"That said, we will continue to educated [sic] the public about best practice -- correct positioning, and also keeping the baby's face visible to mother or caregiver in the first three months of life."

Please join with us and the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, and share your love of all things babywearing. 

We can make a difference, let's stand together and let the world know that not only is wearing your baby safe, but it is as natural as holding your baby in your arms.

Go over to Steph's site and leave a link to your post about babywearing.  Let the folks at BCIA know that you appreciate what they are doing.  And finally, keep on wearing those babes!

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