Friday, June 18, 2010

Decisionally Challenged

 **Today's post comes from my dearest darling friend, Heather.  She is so fun and genuine and makes me just so happy to be around.  She was my roomie at Blogher last year, and I look forward to any opportunity I have to talk to her on the phone or see her in person. Read this and you will see why!

Thanks again Heather!!!


If you feel that you have a problem making decisions, I want you to know there is someone out there struggling with you. A kindred spirit of indecision.

He's my husband.

(I'm not talking about him behind his back. I'm talking about him behind
my back. He's behind me as I type this, doing dishes. And I told him I would be doing this post. So it's all good, I'm allowed to talk about his indecisiveness.)

Ryan's inability to make decisions is no secret. Just ask anyone who has ever gone out to eat with him. They will tell you they waited an extra ten to twenty minutes to order because Ryan kept changing his mind.

Yes, I'm a patient woman. Sometimes.

Ryan confesses that he spends far too long even in candy aisles, stressing and struggling over which candy bar to get. (Yes, it's that bad.)

I try to encourage him, begging for him to leave the gas station and get back in the car. I remind him that a decision between a Snickers and a Reese's is not life changing. He still stands there with his hands in his pockets, pacing back and forth. So then I tell him that I'm going to leave him there if he doesn't hurry up and decide. That usually works. But then once we're back in the car (finally), he always has buyer's remorse, longing for the other candy bar.

You should hear our conversations when trying to decide what movie to see. Yow.

Ryan and I are both in good humor about this. (Most of the time.) But I often wonder how my dear husband ever asked me to marry him, and
furthermore, how in the world did he make it through our wedding ceremony? I wonder what might have happened if he was hit with a candy bar kind of indecision at the moment he was to say "I do." Might he have screamed, "No wait! I don't!" Or would he have stopped short in the midst of his vows, pointing randomly into the crowd yelling, "NO wait, I'll take that one!" Leaving his cousin Jenny baffled and humiliated while everyone turned to stare. That would have been interesting.

That's not how it happened though. He said "I do." I'm sure sometimes he has buyer's remorse, but I'm not returnable. Sure, maybe some day he'll want to trade me in for something new and fresh, but by then I'll have increased in value so much it won't be worth it. I'll be like the 100 Grand of wives. And he'll be my Nut Roll.

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