Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Because of a Shirt at TJ Maxx

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I went to TJ Maxx the other day.  I don't typically go shopping for myself, but I had $25 that I had just gotten from my in-laws for Mother's Day and it was burning a hole in my pocket.  Oh, and I had just sold a sling too, so I decided to splurge a little.

So, off to TJ Maxx I went and found a few shirts that I thought were cute.  Then I found some Born Sandals for only $40!!!  SQUEE!  Running short on time (darn that school pick up) I hurried and tried on the shirts.  I settled on one that I thought would look cute with jeans and took off like a crazy woman to get Seth from school.

I got home and remembered some fabric I had bought to make myself a dress.  Excited that the stars had aligned and I would actually have something that MATCHED, a ran downstairs with my new shirt in hand and put it by the fabric, oh my gosh it was meant to be.

I whipped up a slightly modified gathered skirt from this pattern.  It took all of about 30 minutes and I am thrilled with the results.  At Church, my friends said they would never guess it was homemade, except that it was mine and that typically means that I made it.

I finished it and talked the man into a little photo shoot so I could see how it looked on.  I don't have a full length mirror in my house, so this is what I do. We got one good shot before shoot turned a little silly....

But that's okay because I can be as silly as I want to when I am wearing the most comfortable outfit that I now own and when it is so super cute!

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