Saturday, December 26, 2009

And To All a Good Night

Oh what a fabulous Christmas we had.  Tired of having too much stuff in our lives, we did considerably less this year, and it felt good.  My children had real gratitude and joy about each gift and really, I would have been happy had I gotten nothing at all.

The only thing the kids got from us was a Wii and the robes I made.  We always do a game on Christmas Eve, so we let them open it early in the day and we played all night long.  Seth beat Jeremy twice at Bowling, and came close to beating me a few times.  He is good.

Fainting with JOY!

Squealing with JOY!

They really would have been okay with just that.  But, we also had some great handmade gifts to give.  The kids each made each other gifts this year.  Jeremy and I helped them on Christmas Eve make them. They each made each other coloring books with pages from this site.  This is one of my kids favorite places to go.  Seth and I made some crayon nibbles for Amelia and a My Little Pony Coloring Book.  Amelia made Seth a Star Wars/Toy Story coloring book and decorated a box for his Legos.  They loved making the gifts and watching the other open them.

The favorite gifts by far though, were the homemade ones.  I mentioned before that I made the kids robes and slippers.  They loved them so much.  In fact, Seth wore his all day on Christmas.


I love that we didn't spend a ton on Christmas this year.  The kids didn't get so many new toys that they don't know what to do with themselves.  They had a great day and so did we.

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