Friday, November 20, 2009

It Bugs

Ok, we all have them, pet peeves.  Things that just make our skin crawl or make us want to scream and run for the hills.  I thought that I would be so kind as to share some of mine with you.  Some are rational, many are've been warned.

1. Dirty windshield.  This makes me absolutely crazy.  If I am driving with you and your windshield is dirty, please clean it, please, please, please. If you know about my issue with this and make fun of me by having a dirty windshield, I can not be responsible for what might happen (like me reaching over to clean your window while you drive, don't test me).

2. Gum.  I hate gum.  I hate the smell, I hate the sound, I hate it.  If you chew gum and we are together, I won't say anything, I will be polite because I know some people really love their gum...just know I am dying on the inside.

3. Made up abbreviations.  When people make up abbreviations or shorten words to something completely stupid, yeah I hate that.

4. Interrupting my show I am engrossed in to ask me a question about said show.  If you wanted to watch it, you should have sat your butt down next to me, it is not my fault you were preoccupied...or maybe it was, so just wait for the commercial.

5. Cold Feet.  My feet are almost always cold, so cold in fact that my toes frequently go numb.  I really hate this.

6. Stupid girls at the cut counter at Joann's.

7. People at the grocery store that think they're helping when they try to talk to my children as they are throwing a fit.  Really??? Do you think my children are going to listen and obey a complete stranger and not their Mother??  Do you think I don't know what to do with them??  Puh-leeze people.

8. Music on blogs.  I know some people just love this, but really???  I am usually listening to something on my computer when I am checking blogs and it is SO annoying to have to find the pause button on the blog so I don't have to listen to whatever you want me to listen to.

Ok, so those are just a few of my pet peeves...what are yours?  I wonder how many we have in common?

by the way...I promise to write something of substance soon, very very soon.

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