Monday, November 30, 2009

Aren't You Glad?

I started an incredibly boring post this morning about how my washing machine is broken and I have a pail full of dirty diapers (anyone want me to review a new washing machine? haha), and realized that I really had nothing interesting to say today.

So, here is something interesting...some of my favorite photos of November.  I can't believe this month is already gone.  I'm ready for December, you should be too...I have some BIG giveaways scheduled for next month on my review blog

Without further adieu....the best of November....

1. My children and their crazy awesome sense of style (Seth is wearing the cover for the piano keys around his neck)and, I so wish Libby would have held still for 2 seconds for me to snap this picture.  You can't tell, but she has on her boots, crown, and has her two bucket purses...this girl is 100% girlie through and through.

2. Signs made by my son and put under the stairs.  Enter if you dare...oh yes, if you dare :)

3. A morning spent hiking with friends and "searching for clues".  Clues to what...I am not quite sure.

4. What is better than 2 piggie tails? 3!

5. All 3 of my babies coloring at the Border's Fancy Nancy party (where Amelia won a Fancy Nancy book too!)

6. Chilly morning fort building and the light that streams into my living room.  I love it.

7. A wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with 3 of my 4 siblings and their kids.  23 people in my house and we had such a great time!!!

So, now I am ready for December and the craziness exciting holiday madness that it brings!

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