Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psycho Kim

No way man. I am not hooked on sugar. I can quit anytime.

Except when I do quit, beware. I'm not nice. Ask my kids. Ask my husband. Ask the random guy at the grocery store who landed on the wrong end of my wrath.

So the other day I am at the grocery store with my children in tow. I had made it out of the store without eating the free cookie they offer to the kids, buying a Dr. Pepper, buying a donut or candy or chocolate milk, or really anything with sugar in it that was calling my name. I was leaving and had a little trouble getting out of my parking space. I was frustrated, children talking too loud, my stomach growling, my hands shaking and it happened. A man gave me, what I perceived as, a dirty look. Yes, he did.

Normally, I would smile apologetically for whatever I had done to offend and be on my way. But, when PSYCHO KIM takes over, there is no telling what she'll do. I rolled down the window and had the following exchange:

Psycho Kim: Do you have a problem with me?
Man: Um no.
P.S.: I saw you give me a dirty look. What's your problem?!?!
Man: Maam I did not give you any look if you are having a bad day, then I'm sorry that's your problem.
P.S.: Whatever.

I sped off and called Jeremy, yelled at him for something that clearly was not his fault and then I called my Mom and cried, "Why in the WORLD would any MOTHER go off SUGAR?!?!? What was I THINKING?!?!"

She consoled me telling me by Thursday I would be feeling so much better. I told her she was wrong and that I would never be feeling better.

But guess what, today is Thursday and I am feeling a little better. Just stay out of my way and be sure not to be giving me anything but a smiling face when I see you. You just never know when Psycho Kim may attack.


Monica aka detroitmommy said...

LOL. So are you getting off all sugar or just processed sugar? Like you can still eat fruit, or natural fruit bars or something like that right? Are you sure a little pms wasn't added into mix? LOL I am kidding.. gawd do I know how annoying it is when someone asks that. sorry

I had my own blowup yesterday at the grocery store. The same cashier keeps questioning my coupon use when I go there. "I don't recall seeing those diapers".. last time she was wrong of course. This time I blurted out "You did this exact thing last time I was here". Ended up I was the wrong one and forget to add the item to the cart that I gave the coupon for.. instead of slinking away for some reason I got even more annoyed. Mine was a mix of pms and lack of sugar ;)

Midwest Mommy said...

Somewhere out in blog land some man is telling the story of the crazy woman at the grocery store, lol

Now go have a cookie, I insist :-)

Heather of the EO said...

I'm glad it's getting better! You are too funny. Sounds like something I would do on a day with no Dr Pepper :)

twohig's said...

oh are too funny. I hope Friday is even better than Thursday! xoxo

Jenni Jiggety said...

If I see you...I will offer you a Hershey bar and a hug! No sugar? That's MOM ABUSE!

Sharon said...

Kim, you crack me up! I have to confess, that I do understand exactly what you mean...although with me, it's caffeine, not sugar. Thanks for the laughs!

Mama bee said...

I completely understand. *hugs*

Elaine A. said...

So, are you feeling better because you got your "fix?" hee hee! Seriously, glad that you are (feeling better that is). We all have our moments like this...

Heidi said...

Sugar is the devil. It's most evil form is chocolate.

Angheiz said...

I went off Mt. Dew, and ended up cursing out a Burger King manager for "getting my effing order wrong" when I had, in fact, ordered it wrong. Oopsies.

Loralee Choate said...

My head is SPLITTING today. I am not sure if it's because of yoga, no Diet Coke today or no sugar. Either way, I would have ripped his head off the way I feel, too!

Print Brochures said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes, I have days like that and then Psycho Kims attack...not just a single Psycho Kim. Why can't people just give you a smiling face when you are having a bad day?! Ugh. Thanks for sharing this. Cheer up!:)

twohig's said...

I love love love your new page! beautiful! and I love the "lost in the mountains part" so cute!
p.s. I am worse than psycho Kim today! holy man, my poor poor me...they are the ones driving me batty ;) awe the joys of PMS (which, by the way, I never had until after I had Maggie. urgh)

Diana's said...

I can totally relate !
Years ago, when I worked for a chiropractor, he suggested that I read the book "Sugar Blues" and after that I went on a sugar strike.
I had nothing with processed sugar, or dyes or preservatives for 10 days.
The first 2 days wasn't too bad, but by day 5 I was a mean lady - LOL
Day 6 was no picnic either !
But by day 9, I was feeling really good and had much more energy that ever before.

Now, I try to be as organic and natural as possible and avoid processed foods and anything fake when I can.

I cook from scratch most of the time, grow my own organic foods and herbs, and even make my own balms too.

Yes, I still love a Kung Pao Chicken every once in a while, I'm not THAT strong - LOL

I am going to follow your blog with mine as we think a lot alike :)

Organically Yours,