Friday, October 23, 2009

Child Labor?

Can it really be labeled Child Labor if it is loads of fun, quality time with Mom and Dad, and you can eat the fresh hot applesauce out of the bowl?  Nah...I didn't think so either.  It sure is fun though.

Applesauce Recipe

Ok, this is hard, really hard.  Are you ready?


Wash apples and cut into quarters.  Steam apples until they are very soft.  Put into your great strainer and put your kids to work.  Or do it yourself, whatever.

When your bowl is good and full, transfer it to a stock pot, add cinnamon to taste and ENJOY!

This is the only applesauce we eat.  We canned 44 quarts this year and hopefully (fingers crossed) they will last until next October.

Yum yum yum.


Midwest Mommy said...

I have to tell you I love that first picture with you wearing her! So cute!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

That sounds so good and I love the pictures.

Lolli said...

Oh, that looks so fun! I think that making kids work like that is 100% ok. Keep em working!

Jana said...

I always loved making applesause with my Mom when I was a kid.Awe memories:) And it truly is the best kind. Once you've had homemade the other stuff just doesn't cut it anymore.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Kim you are a hoot. You are the best.


Karin said...

ok, I have to share my own applesauce from this year. I didn't wnat to steam the heck out of my apples to make them run through my strainer, so...I whipped out my trusty vitamix and read up in their cookbook. I decided to blanch the apples (pour boiling water over them and let it sit for ten or fifteen minutes) then quarter and throw right in the vitamix with 1/2 c apple cider (I used the juice I had on hand). Run it for a minute or so and voila! Each batch fit in a quart jar and it took so little time. It tastes spectacular too. No extra flavorings or anything. :-) We should trade a quart to see which we like better. :-)

Linn said...

What a good mom and it sure looks delicious! Way to go!

tawnya said...

My 3 year old was my official "cherry stem-er" this year!

Deb said...

any child labor is okay with me. if it happens to be fun, even better.

so this is a stupid question, but do you just keep it in the pantry? freeze it?

when i say i can't sew, what i really mean is i can't sew OR cook.

heather said...

Heidi and I made lots of applesauce too and we employed any and every child we could to help us. Nothing better than little ones to help!