Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feel Good :: Knitting with Land's End

You all know I love to knit and I love me some yarn. Well, Lands End has started a fabulous new campaign. Starting September 1st, for every Lands' End Feel Good Sweater purchase, they will donate signature Feel Good yarn to One Heart Foundation's Warming Families, a nationwide knitting charity. Awesome right??

Lands End has teamed up with Vickie Howell, of DIY's Knitty Gritty to come up with 2 hat patterns. They are asking for scores of volunteer knitters to help knit these hats for charity. Land's End expects to donate thousands of pounds of yarn to Warming Families chapters and it is expected that 25,000 hats will be knit to warm those in need this winter.

Pretty amazing isn't it? So, if knitting isn't your gig, go buy a sweater. It is ridiculously soft and warm. While it is still very warm where most of us live, fall is quickly approaching and before we know it, we will all be buried in snow, ice and cold. While we have warm homes and clothes there are so many that don't. Here is a fun and easy way to have a small part in making someone's life a little warmer.

I plan on knitting some hats, will you join me? What? You don't knit?? Then go buy a sweater!!!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Sadly - I don't know how to knit. Not even hats. But I'd be willing to buy one.

jspilker75 said...

Hi Kim! How can I sign up to volunteer knit? I don't have a lot of time, but I'd love to help! Thanks! Jen jspilker75 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nicole said...

Me too!! (want to knit hats, I too am short on time, but hats are oh so portable!)