Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here We GO! :: LIVE BLOG

2:11 pm

Crap. Amelia told us she had to pee and then said she could wait (we are in western Nebraska, i.e. nowhere Nebraska). Then she fell asleep. I pray she doesn't pee in her seat. I need to get some nice pee pads for the carseat. Do they make them? I really want to get one of these. Now, when I first saw these I thought they were kind of strange, but now, I totally see the use of them. I really want a Go-Girl for these trips.

Listening to "This American Life" with Jer, knitting, girls sleeping and Seth watching The Clone Wars (again).

12:37 pm

We're at Little America in Cheyenne, WY. They have a nice little playground, so the kids played and we ate. I tried to get them to eat, but after 7 hours in the car, all they wanted to do was run and play.

In the comments I was asked about having my baby in the front seat. She is not in the front seat. All of my kiddos have been buckled the entire time. I lean over her seat to nurse her. After road trips with 4 babies, I am really good at it now :)

Also, Lolli, I LOVE Country. Jer's just lucky I also like NPR ;)

We're going to stop for gas and be on our way. Hopefully we won't stop again until we are well into Nebraska.

10:00 am

We've been on the road for 6 hours now. This first 6 hours went pretty fast. If the next 9 hours go as quick, I will be one happy Mama!

Libby is asleep, the kids are watching CARS and we are somewhere in Wyoming. To answer a few questions – we are going to Nebraska today and staying the night with my folks. Tomorrow morning we will get up, have breakfast and drive 3 hours to Jer's folks in Kansas.

We are taking 1-80 straight to Omaha and plan on stopping in Sidney, NE for lunch. The kids are so excited for that because they know we're going to a park.

If I keep eating salt water taffy I will be too big to fit into any of my cute clothes at BlogHer!

Much to the chagrin of my darling husband, the only radio stations we can pick up in Wyoming are country and NPR. Good thing we can both agree on NPR.

My internet connection is through my cell phone, so it is dial-up -- something I haven't dealt with since we were newlyweds. So, I won't post again until we stop for lunch.

Thanks for all the well far so good!!

7:50 am

We have been on the road since 4 am MST and we are well on our way. So far I have nursed Liberty 3 times, Amelia threw up once, Seth and Amelia have started watching Clone Wars, everyone has had a potty break and we stopped at Sonic for breakfast (oh Sonic, how I love you!).

We are in Rock Springs, WY and hope to make it to at least Cheyenne before we need to stop for gas again.

Let me tell you something I'm doing to (hopefully) make this trip easier. Seth and Amelia each have a backpack that they could pack with whatever toys they wanted. In addition to that, I filled a tub with coloring books, sketch books, crayons, books and BrainQuests and put it between their seats. They are set. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, we have oodles of movies and books on CD for them to watch/listen to.

Now if I could just get Liberty to be happy with me sitting up front....


Kelly said...

We always stop in Rock Springs, and then again in Cheyenne, and again Ft. Collins-ish. Somewhere along that stretch there is an outdoor playground at a rest stop where we let them run around a bit and go down the slide a few times.

Lolli said...

Awww. You don't like country? I'll still be your friend. ;)

Happy traveling!

Jen said...

You're pretty adventurous to make that long of a trip in one day with the kids! Doesn't make you a little nervous to have your baby in the front seat? I hope you have a great trip!

Mama bee said...

Glad you found a good spot for the kiddos to run around. Hope the trip continues to go well!

Terresa said...

WoW! That Go Girl thing is super sweet. I've used my kids diapers and empty (cleaned out) plastic ice cream buckets to pee in for road trips, but that Go Girl thing looks much better. Thanks for the info & hope your travels are dry & fun!

Anonymous said...

Who knew there was more than one company to make a device like that for for ladies - I had heard of the Shewee but not the go-girl. haha I want one too.

Glad it's going well for you. 15 hours - WOW!

sara said...

UGH Wyoming. I am not jealous LOL :)

Cydney said...

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