Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a Sweet Boy

My sweet boy, he really does amaze me. Yesterday he was playing Legos. I just sat there and watched him. It is amazing to see him putting things together and building. He has quite the mind and imagination that boy.

Yesterday he was playing getting ready for bed. He told met hat he needed to go potty, so we took his diaper off and he went! I asked if he wanted to wear underwear and he said that he did. I really wasn't very hopeful, expecting an accident shortly after I put the undies on him. Well, he wore them until bed with NO ACCIDENTS!!! He actually told us when he had to go! I am still amazed. So, this morning he wakes up and he's DRY! Oh my gosh! So, I put him in his Ramone (CARS) underwear and he has not had any accidents today. He's told me every time he had to pee and even pooped on the toilet! I am amazed! It's like the light bulb just clicked on! WAHOO!

This boy loves his sister like nothing else. Recently they've been playing "cats". We are all cats in our house, Seth-cat, Amelia-cat, Mommy-cat, and Daddy-cat. Now that Amelia crawls, Seth will have her follow him (or he follows her) and they are cats. It cracks me up. I love watching them together, I love it more than anything.

We've had some downright mild weather recently, so we've been outside playing. Seth was playing on the electrical box and I told him that it probably wasn't a good idea. He asked me why and I showed him the picture of the man with lightning coming at him out of the box. I told him that he could get hurt really bad if I let him play on it. So, he stopped playing on it, but insisted on studying the picture. Wow, he is SO his Father's son.

I do, I love this the Moon and back.

**Originally posted February 23, 2007


Terresa said...

No accidents...awesome! Wahoo is right, girl!!

I love my big/little boy, too. He's our youngest and is just 2 yrs old now, but such a love.

BeautifulWreck said...

This post was really an adorable description of your child.

Heather of the EO said...

My boys love to play cats! :)

And also, I think I'm waaaay jealous of the potty training thing. (sigh) It's a STRUGGLE over here...ugh, I hope Asher just up and potty trains. MILES DOES NOT. Yeah, almost FOUR. Am I yelling? Oh. Sorry.

(I really am happy for you!)

angeljoy said...

Oh my gosh... this post makes me want a quiver full of these lovelies... I'm pushing the end of my babymaking career. Took me 16 years to get just one. She is now 5 1/2 and the light of my life. What a blessing!!!