Monday, May 25, 2009

UnCamping 101

In this course, we will be learning about how to uncamp with your children. The following supplies will be needed in abundance:

1. Patience
2. Sense of Humor

With these three items, your uncamping will be a success.

Now for the steps to uncamping.

1. Pick a weekend, preferably a holiday weekend, for camping. Tell your children all week long that you are going camping on Friday (or whatever day you choose). Get them very excited. Buy the food, get the car packed to go camping as soon as Daddy gets home from work. Make sure before you do this though that it will be a very busy weekend and that there will be no campsites available in your preferred camping destination -- or any destination for that matter.

2. Go looking with your children for a campsite. Now, this is a really critical part -- do it during the time when your baby should be going to sleep. This way she will be screaming bloody murder while your other children are asking you every two seconds, "Are we going to stop here? This looks like a good place, can we camp here?". Very critical information for making the most of uncamping. If you so desire, stop somewhere to nurse the baby and chuckle when your children freak out because there is a bug on you and when they tell you they want to go back to the car because of the flies.

3. Go home. You may feel defeated at this point and that is ok. Just make sure you go on to the next step. It will be ok, I promise.

4. Get the brilliant idea to do back yard camping. Get everyone excited, this is going to ROCK!

5. Set up camp, take LOADS of pictures, cook hot dogs (or your food of preference), eat Doritos like they're going out of style, load up on some yummy grapes and make s'mores. Play in your backyard, forget about the phone and the computer, and just have fun with your family.

6. Realize at 10:30 that your kids are not going to sleep outside and take your screaming children inside. You might be feeling a bit defeated at this point. That's ok.

7. Get your children in bed. They might need some extra snuggles as they are very sad right now. They had it in their minds that they would be sleeping in the tent. And they would have if they hadn't been messing around and making Daddy very irritated. So, sing to them, give them a little Calms Forte, rub their backs and promise them that you'll still have a camping breakfast in the morning. Then, take a shower and collapse in your bed.

8. Wake up glad you are in your own bed and you could shut out the sun for a couple of hours. Make pancakes and eggs and strawberries for breakfast, just like you would have when you were camping, except inside in your kitchen.

9. Get ready for another fabulous day and promise your children that you will go uncamping again...just not tonight.


Karin said...

teehee. We always camp in the backyard because I absolutely hate camping and this way they still get to do it. All the best things about camping and takes away all the worst. the only thing we need is a firepit...although that would mean there would be open fire with littles crawling around...maybe we'll just stick with the BBQ. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think that anytime you get to have s'mores and still sleep in your own bed is a good time. I'm totally with Karin, I hate camping. Or, more specifically, sleeping on the ground. But I do love s'mores and campfires.

Although I'm wondering if I can skip the driving around bit, since it doesn't sound like much fun. Is it really critical that I do that part? ;)

Mama bee said...

It looks like you guys (mostly) had fun despite getting crowded out of the canyon. I like your little fire pit.

Oh, and cute new dresses in your shop!

Lolli said...

Oh! Sounds like something we would do! Glad you made the most of it, though (and got to sleep in your own bed, more importantly!)

Heather of the EO said...

I'm sure we would end up in the house too. Still so much fun had by all :)

Aunt Sissa said...

I just laughed myself silly because I can so picture this adventure! I only wish I was there to witness it :)

Becky said...

Isn't it funny how we get these ideas and they're all perfect and wonderful in theory, but sometimes in real life they're just a little harder?

I guess the fun is still in the journey, though.

AbeSaves said...

Been there, minus the three children, so you win! Looks like you got the best of both worlds to me! Better luck next time, I guess huh?

Mommy Mo said...

That was the best post ever. I thought you were ambitious to be taking three wee ones camping. Camping in the backyard is FUN, plus you got everything you need without having to pack up your entire house. I'm glad everyone finally got to sleep!

Krainich Family said...

This made me laugh out loud. Hahaha. Sounds like Fun! We did the real camping except that It RAINED on us for an ENTIRE day. It wasn't much better:)!