Thursday, April 23, 2009


  • I worked on a skirt. I got the zipper in and realized that it is going to be too small. While it is good motivation to lose weight, I really wanted to wear it now and am just frustrated.
  • Jeremy took the afternoon off and got the garden tilled and lawn mowed. I didn't get to plant my carrots, onions and peas though. It's going to get cold this weekend, so I need to get it done.
  • The kids watched our Emma movies all day yesterday. It made me miss her more than ever. They talked about what they will do when they get to play with her again. Ouch.
  • I'm glad yesterday is over and I have a new day to play with my babes, go check out our CSA farm and watch Seth graduate from preschool. Today will be better.

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Terresa said...

Jealous that your a sewin' mama! ;) Look on the bright side, you have this sewing talent that's not only useful but cool, too.

While growing up, my mom was always whipping up cute outfits for us on her Singer. I inherited her sewing genes, but only to a point. Nowadays, I mostly just scour thrift stores instead of sewing things (cheaper and if I do sew, it's mostly quick little alterations).