Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Breaking Out

In the Winter, I never believe that Spring will come. In the midst of the cold, gray days and the long dark nights, it seems that the light will never shine. We are buried in snow, slipping on ice, cold and wet constantly. We stay inside, playing games, drawing pictures, reading books and all the while dreaming, dreaming of the days when we can break out of this brick cocoon and be free -- be free to run outside, free to wear as little clothing as possible, free to let our toes sink in the warm wet earth.

In my neck of the woods, Winter can be very brutal and last for a very long time. When the snow finally melts, it is amazing to watch the city come back to life. It seems that everyone is as happy to see the sun as I am. Children playing at the park, families on walks and bike rides, the sounds of people laughing and playing, birds singing, the smells of grass being cut, dirt on your hands...it is spring.

The first weekend when the weather is really warm is always magical for me. This last weekend was perfect. The smell of fresh compost on the garden, planting flower seeds with my boy, assuring my girl that the bugs won't get her, and watching the littlest one learn to crawl on the grass. Truly magical and wonderful. It is my favorite time of year. Breaking out of the cold of Winter and into the warm sunshine of Spring. The promise of more sun, bare feet, fresh vegetables and fruit from the garden, flowers to brighten my spirits...this is what it is all about.



Mama bee said...

It really is magical how everyone comes out when it first gets good and warm. I love how alive everything feels. Hooray for spring!

Terresa said...

every year the change of seasons blows me away. it's so amazing to behold.

Elizabeth said...

Spring is such a beautiful time! I love to watch as the flowers come up from the iced ground and spread their glory!

Linn said...

That is exactly how I felt today--everything/everyone is coming back to life. Happy, happy!