Monday, February 23, 2009

Kid Safe Ink :: Review

When I told Jeremy about Kid Safe Ink, he said, "That is a genius idea. She is going to make a ton of money with that one". I agree.

My kids love temporary tattoos and can be seen sporting many at a time. So, when I was contacted by Heather of Kid Safe Ink, I was thrilled.

These are temporary old school tattoos with your phone number on it. They read, "I'm Lost. Please Call..." and customized with your phone number!

Here is their story:

In the winter of 2006, Kieran went on a vacation in Hawaii and got lost for an hour. Reconnected, 3 hotels down at the towel exchange. Kieran's mom thought to herself, looking at her cellphone, that could have been a lot easier.

That's when the seed was sown, and we soon devised a plan to help parents everywhere. All it took was a simple system that reconnects families through customized temporary tattoos with your cell phone or contact number.

We love old school tattoos, not only because they look good but their meaning is pointing to the important things in life like family and home.

My biggest concern was that they would flake off and thus not last through a day at the beach or zoo or amusement park. So, last week, I put a tattoo on each of my children. They are still there and the phone number is still visible. These have lasted through 2 baths, long sleeve shirts rubbing on them, and lots of playing.

I am so impressed with these! They come in such cool designs too. Something to please every child; a bird, heart, star and anchor. Amelia loves the bird and Seth loves the anchor.

These are something that will be going with us when we go to the pool and amusement park this summer. Also great for a day at the Fair, or really anywhere you are going that is not home.

Thank you Heather for such a great product!! Head on over to Kid Safe Ink and order yours today. You will not be sorry!


Becky said...

What a great idea!

Lolli said...

That is such a great idea! Good for safety, fun for kids!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

utterly and completely ingenious. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

OR you can go to the store and get a big pack of printer tattoo paper for $7 and make your own!

Anonymous said...

The only problem with this system is it creates a false sense of security. It does not protect you child from predators, and molesters.

Anonymous said...

looks like they stole the idea from :

Kim said...

Dear Anonymous -- I do not think that this provides a false sense of security at all. You are right, it does not protect from predators or molesters, but then again, not much does. This is just something to help if your child gets lost.

Second -- I don't think that just because two companies have similar ideas it means that one stole the idea from the other.

In the future, I will delete mean spirited comments like these. They don't serve any purpose at all.