Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who Are You?

Just cause I like this picture of me. This was YEARS ago (like 8). I only wish I still looked that cute!

Have you ever googled your name? No? Do it. But not now, I want you to keep reading. So for fun, my husband has been googling my name tonight. It's kind of wild to see. Want to know all of my alter egos?

First is Kim B. who is an attorney in Ohio who deals with foreclosures. (really strange about this one, our names are exactly the same. Well, I don't know her middle name, but we have the same middle initial).

Next we have a Mom in Plano, TX who helped with the PTA Buffet for Shepherd Elementary School.

Another one of my alter egos attended the school board meeting in Big Lake, Minnesota.

I also taught part time at the University of Scranton (how did they know I am an Office fan???) and was married to Juan Pablo Gil. Started PhD studies in Spanish Literature at University of Chicago in January, 2003 (nevermind that I only have High School Spanish under my belt and at that time had a newborn baby).

There is also one of me on Facebook that is in's still up for debate if she and the one above are the same.

You can also read about me in the Washington Post on September 4, 2003. Apparently my computer "freaked out after plugging into the schools network because it was infected with viruses".

There is also a girl from Germany, but we can't figure out anything about her because neither of us read German. Her nickname is Kimy though.

Another is a writer in Arizona. A very spiritual girl who is majoring in Social Work at Arizona State University.

One of my alter egos ran in the 2008 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. She is probably really cool. I wouldn't mind if people thought that was me. Except if they know me...they know it's not.

This could prove for hours of fun. Seriously. It's fun to read these and see what other people with my name are doing. I wonder how similar we are, or aren't and what they are doing. It's really interesting though, because my name isn't that common...or at least I didn't think it was.

Go now, google you name, and see how many alter egos you have out there.

Oh, and if you get bored with that -- do an image search for your name. Or go here, put in your name and see pictures of all of you.

It's freaky. Really freaky.


Lolli said...

Wow! Interesting! I'm going to do it today!

kate said...

are you kidding Kim?!? I think you are even cuter now! I am not joking...I wouldn't have even posted a comment if I didn't think so. You are just plain a cutie-pa-tutie!

InTheFastLane said...

Found your blog through a couple other bloggy friends. And if you google my name, it turns out that I might just be the only one. My maiden name, on the other hand, is pretty popular.

Michelle said...

You are just as beautiful now as you were then, Kim. Don't ever doubt that.

Heather of the EO said...

Freaky and FUN :)

Timber said...

LOL! My name just pulls up about a dozen lumber companies. The image search pulled up a couple log cabins and some timber rattlesnakes! I guess with a name like Timber its bound to have weird results haha :)

sara said...

That IS a way cute pic but I think you're fabulous looking now as well!

I found a bunch of random stuff in a google search I did while board a few days ago. Turns out though that someone took an email I wrote about midwives and legality issues and it's now posted on ICAN's website. Woah! I felt so special! I'm going to blame Pam for now. :)

Mama bee said...

All of my google hits are actually me. Or someone with my first name who lives in a town of my last name in Saskatchewan, and ran some high school track races.

Guess that's the fun of having an uncommon spelling for a first name, and an even more uncommon last name.

Thanks for the distraction. :-)