Friday, January 16, 2009

My Bubs

I was wandering around Blogworld yesterday and came upon a blog where a Mama interviewed her son. It was so cute that I am TOTALLY stealing it :)

So, I give Bubs.

How are you doing today? Good. Good! What do you want to be when you grow up? a Jedi Knight. What would you do? Um work. What kind of work? Um, building things. But, when I hear bad guys, I'll fight. Oh, ok. What kind of work does Daddy do? Um, go to work? and he builds things. I'm just going to build things when I grow up. What does Daddy do at work? Works on the computer. Who is your best friend? Aurora. Why? Because she's so funny. What do you like to do best at home? Play with Amelia. What's your favorite thing to play with Amelia? Light sabers. What is your favorite way to help around the house? Mop. What chore do you really NOT like? Um, making my bed. That 's a hard one. I do not like that one. What's your favorite game to play? Star Wars. How many more kids do you think Mom and Dad should have? Um, 28. What do you want to do tomorrow? Um, play with you. Whats your favorite song? I am a Child of..wait, the Star Wars song. Where are your glasses? Um, downstairs on the cabinet because I do not want them on because they are bugging me. Can you get me one more big graham cracker? Can you get me 3 more big graham crackers? What's your favorite movie? Phantom Menace, Phantom Menace. What's your favorite season? Winter Why? Because I can play in the snow. What's your favorite color? Green Whats your favorite thing to eat? Green Ice Cream. What do you want for your birthday(although it's not until June, he talks about it constantly)? Candy and presents and new light sabers -- can I have new light sabers for my birthday? I need another red one so Dad can be Darth Maul and also so two guys can be bad guys, Mom. I need one more red light saber so 2 guys can be bad guys and we can have a Darth Maul Mom! What do you want me to tell the people who read my blog about you? Um, that I love Star Wars! Anything else? no. yes! yes! I love Cars. Who's your favorite in Cars? Lightning McQueen. Why? Because he races. Are you excited to go to Kindergarten next year? Ya-hey! yes yes!

Ok, there you have it folks. My Bubs. He is sweet, and loving, and a great brother and my best bubs and I love him SO much!

This is something I highly recommend doing. It was fun and will be a great reminder of this sweet boy when he is all grown up and won't want to play with me anymore.


Amanda said...

I am going to do this!! That was so cute!

Mama bee said...

28 more kids, eh? You guys up for that?! :-)

Becky said...

My boy is a Cars fan, too. How did your son get so into Star Wars? I love hearing about his light saber obsession - I think it's hilarious!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So cute! I've been meaning to do this on video. And I keep meaning to also tell you I just love your blog design!


Heather of the EO said...

That is soooo cute. Light sabers anyone? :)

Chris said...

LOL - 28 more kids? Best get workin on that, Mommy. I love how he had short little answers until you asked about his birthday. Too cute!