Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grinchy Claus

It's official. I am the Grinch. Call me Grinch, Mean, Stinky, whatever. I don't care.

We have bought gifts for our children, tried really hard not to go overboard and have bought as many handmade gifts as possible.

Despite it all, there was one thing, ONE THING that Seth kept asking for. One thing that I knew I wasn't going to buy. One thing that he REALLY wanted. A Red Lightsaber. He's kind of like Ralphie with the Red Rider Beebee Gun.

So, I decided to be sneaky, cunning, and AWESOME. I've told him that absolutely not, he will NOT be getting a red lightsaber. He has 2 already, a blue and a green. But, he wants a red so he can be a bad guy. So, I've told him that it's not happening. I bought him one. Well, actually I bought 2, and took one back, apparently I got the wrong kind the first time (thanks for the heads up Jer!).

I couldn't wait to see his face on Christmas morning when all the gifts had been opened and I say, "What's that? Over by the piano?" And he goes to open it and is SO excited!!! But, then I see what is in store for me for the next forever. It goes like this --

Seth is thrilled and opens his red lightsaber. He immediately whips it out and starts his mad lightsaber skills. He takes out Meemaw and Grandpa, smacks Amelia, injures Dad's knees, hits Mom on the back and knocks over the Christmas tree. It is immediately taken away for, well, forever.

So, I did what any sensible, Grinch-like Mom would do...I took it back. No lightsaber, no Star Wars for Christmas. It's true, I'm the Grinch. That's how I roll.


Becky said...

There's no shame it that! Helping your child achieve bad guy status is just asking for trouble. I hope Christmas goes well anyway... :)

Marly said...

sounds like a good call. My kids are also obsessed with Star Wars. Although they are getitng more into Spider Man and Transformers but seriously, there's just way too much stuff and of course they think they need it all!

Stephanie said...

nanny will be getting him a red lightsaber for christmas - then he will LOVE me tons:D

Aunt Sissa said...

Ha! I like Stephanie's answer :)