Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gratitude Sunday

It's here again, a day for me to reflect upon this last week and share what I am most grateful for.

1. It hasn't snowed yet. I am really grateful for that because we don't have snow boots for Seth yet! Although, rumor has it that it is supposed to tomorrow. we will go!

2. Libby's smiles. Holy cow, that girl can smile and melt my heart at any given moment.

3. The escape good books give me.

4. Lots of good neighbors and friends that I can give holiday goodies to. I love to make them, but can't have them at my house. So, we did some baking this weekend, and will be delivering them tomorrow!

5. My very artistic little man. Here are two of my favorite drawings of his this week --


1momof5 said...

Those pictures are wonderful! What a talented artist you have. :)

Lori said...

I think you cursed us about "no snow". It is coming down here. We'll cross our fingers that it doesn't really stick.

Anonymous said...

Love the art work. :) Mmmm I can't wait till next week - the baking begins!

Mama bee said...

I guess you're out boot shopping today. :-) Happy winter (finally)!