Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Santa

Today the kids wrote their letters to Santa. Now, I know, some people don't like the idea of lying to their children and allowing them to believe in Santa. I am not one of them. I really like lying to my children -- especially about this. It is fun. Fun for us and for them. I was sad as a child when I found out that Santa wasn't real, but it didn't damage me for the rest of my life. So...that said...here are the letters to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I want a toy Ahsoka (from Clone Wars). And a football. And a truck thats, that can drive all by its self if I push it put it on the floor and push it. And I want a toy Anakin - but the one in the Clone Wars. And I want a toy Santa that I can sleep with - like one that's fluffy. And I want a toy Rex that his guns come out. And I want a toy kitchen play. And I want a toy Christmas tree that I can put on my dresser.

Thank you. Love, Seth.
I also want a red toy lightsaber.

Dear Santa,

I want a football. I want a Santa to play with. I want a play kitchen. I want a cracker to eat so I can eat. I want a black toy that has a letter on it. I want a green toy that has a green thing on it. I want anything else. I want a baby that Karis (her friend) has that has a pink apron on it. I want new dress-ups.

Thank you. Love, Amelia.
And I want a toy Ahsoka.

Ok, just a couple of things to clarify here -- 1. I FEED MY CHILDREN! I know Amelia is asking Santa for a cracker. Seriously, she is always hungry!!! One day we'll look back on this and laugh (like I am doing right now) because she is always eating!
2. My children are obsessed with Star Wars. Mostly Clone Wars. So, most of the things in Seth's letter have to do with that -- you know, Ahoska and Rex. Oh, he wants me to email Santa now and tell him that he also wants some bad guys that can fight the good guys. Well of course. We can't have Obi Wan and Yoda fighting all the time can we?

Now that the letters are written, I will tuck them away to give them someday. I love that my Mom kept my letters to Santa. I loved reading them when I got older. I hope my kiddos will also love it. If not, they can always use them to show to their therapists yet another of my short comings!


Rhonda said...

Adorable! Grant wrote his last week and drew a picture of him and Santa. Almost made me cry of joy it was so cute! If you go to www.northpole.com they can actually e-mail Santa and he replies back. Grant got his reply this morning. He is going to be sooooo excited when he gets off the bus tonight! hehe Don't forget to make reindeer food for the reindeer on CHristmas eve! Oatmeal with glitter and toss it in the yard...if the moon is full that night it will sparkle like crazy!!

Becky said...

Ha! My Amelia is always eating, too. I swear she eats her weight in mandarin oranges every morning...