Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a Blessing

Last Sunday, we blessed Libby at church. It is the official naming of the baby in our religion. My whole family (minus Mom and my brother and his family) were here. Jeremy's whole family was here also. It was really fun to get together with everyone and eat good food. Here are a few pictures of the day. Libby wore Amelia's dress and Emma's bonnet, bow, and shoes. All 3 of my girls have worn those. What a special day.

My babies

Sweet girl

With Grandpa Greggor and Grandma Marge

Libby and Grandpa Randy

Silly Aunt Tawnya

All of those who helped bless Libby

Aunt Cristin and Spencer


What?? No pictures of Mom and Dad with Libby? Yes, it's true. I guess I was just too busy playing hostess to the 35 people in my house. Maybe we'll dress up in our duds again just for a photo. Or maybe not.


TopHat said...

I think bonnets are the cutest things ever!

Anonymous said...

A blessing indeed! Congratulations.

Kate said...

Aww Kim, what awesome pictures. Libby looks so much like her big sister Emma. Hugs to you sweet friend. Miss you!