Monday, November 3, 2008


The holidays are officially upon us. Yep, as soon as Halloween is done, it's time to get ready for the gift giving holidays.

There are a ton of options for your gift giving this year. You could go to one of the big box stores and get something, you could go to a specialty toy store or to a department store. Those are all good options. But, how about a GREAT option? How about something handmade with love? How about supporting a Mom owned business?

Yeah, that's a GREAT option! I have joined with two great forces this holiday season. These are two places that are supporting MAMA owned businesses!

Their buttons are in my sidebar - Moms Unite and Mom-preneur Shops. Both places you can find ME and many other Mom businesses.

So...I encourage you, this holiday season, to buy from these great Mamas. We all work hard at our craft, and it is so fabulous to support other Moms.

If you know of another Mom shop that is not there, let me know and I'll write about them too.

Oh...and you may notice a little video over there ----->
Yep, that's me doing a sling demonstration. So, if you have a sling and aren't sure how to use it, or just want to see me be funny...check it out!!!


Mama bee said...

I like the sling video. You're so cute! :-)

Anonymous said...

You really should come to knit night, Nancy wants a sling. I gave her your etsy shop.

Mama bee said...

Since you seem to be in with the mompreneurs, I'll ask you this question. I'm thinking about getting Doodle a soft doll for Xmas. I like the Waldorf-inspired dolls, but really can't spring for a $90+ true Waldorf doll. Do you have any friends/acquaintances/people you'd recommend who make soft dolls? Otherwise I may just test my sewing abilities and try making one myself (which may or may not turn out well).

Added bonus for you: if we do get a doll for Doodle, she will probably need a which case I will call on my fave sling-makin' mama for a special order. ;-)