Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Change is in the air. I love rain. I love it so much. I love wearing a nice warm sweater, comfy socks and curling up in my chair nursing my babe and knitting. It is truly beautiful. I love the smell of it, in the spring it signals summer is to come. In the fall, it smells of winter. I love the smells oh so much.

Today is Election Day. If you have been living under a rock, I guess you don't know that. You all know I voted last week. If you haven't yet, go do it. It is so important to have your voice heard. Even if you live in a state that probably won't go the way of your vote (like me), it is still SO important to vote. You never know if yours could be the one vote to make a change.

Speaking of making a change. This weekend there is a fundraiser for Mother's without Borders. If you live in the area, come check it out. I have donated 3 of my dresses to the cause. It should be a lot of fun.

Another way to influence the world for good and make change? Check out Amanda Soule's newest venture - Mama to Mama.

Oh, and have I mentioned how undeniably cute my children are? No?? Ok, here is proof. Libby is 8 weeks old today. Change indeed.

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Kelly said...

I can't believe Libby is that big already!!

We're having our election night party with the kids tonight---just wish I could find some Eskimo pies in the store or that our budget was up for Ba-rack of Ribs instead of Pigs with Lipstick (hotdogs). :)