Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm a Sucker for a Love Song

Seriously, I am. Just ask Jeremy. I adore Love Songs.

I credit my older sister for this. She taught me many important things;

1. Your hair can never be too big
2. You should always have matching earrings and necklaces.
3. Your belt and shoes should ALWAYS match - and should be a really bright color
4. Love songs are the way to any girls heart.

So, it's no surprise then, that as young girl I would follow my sister around like a lost puppy. She in turn would listen to Barry Manilow and Chicago. I would sing Weekend in New England at the top of my lungs, and make up dances to You're The Inspiration. Ok, who am I kidding. You all know that as I type this post and am listening to these songs, I am singing them at the top of my lungs to my children.

I digress...As I grew into a teenager, I still loved the love songs. Oh, and you know the big hair bands of my youth totally knew how to do a love song! Those ballads would get me everytime. REO Speedwagon - need I say more? Ok, I'll link it, you know you want to hear it too - I Can't Fight This Feeling. Oh there was Nelson too, and the time I made a guy who wanted to get back together with me (in all of our 14 year old datingness) listen to Only Time Will Tell over the phone. Come on, I'm not the only one who did that am I??

Every boyfriend and I would have our song. Started in 6th grade -- Curtis Dixon. Our song was Love Bites by Def Leppard. Yep, I should have taken that as an omen. 7th grade -- Paul DeVore. Our song was Every Rose has it's Thorn by Poison. Again, I should have realized this isn't the best song for a lasting relationship!

You'd think that when I got out of the awkward teenagerness, that I would have outgrown this. Nope, not me. Fast forward to when I was 19 (yep, still a teenager, but not as awkward). I fell in love (or what I thought love was). Our relationship started in letters and pictures. Therefore, our song was Pictures of You by The Cure. Then, there was the breakup. Oh yeah, breakup songs are almost as good as love songs. My poor roomates that year had to listen to me listen to this song and this one over and over and over. Oh yes, Celine knows how to do a breakup song. -- sorry roomies!

Through the next 6 years, until I met the man, I would listen to love songs and dream of the one that would take away my breath. The one that would make me realize that real love songs are the ones that you want to sing to that person even when you're mad at them.

Then, I met the man. The one I would love forever and the one who would love me back forever. All the sudden, all the GOOD love songs, you know the ones that don't have to do with people leaving eachother, made sense! I wanted one of those to be our song. We have had MANY songs through the years, and I assume we will have many more. We danced to this one
at our wedding reception. Really any song that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sing together could be one of our many songs. Ooh, the magic.

But, it's not just country that we, make that I, like for love songs. Staind has a great new song Tangled up in You. Love that one. It's these songs that make you want to just grab onto the one you love and never let go.

Today, I found another one. When I was younger, I really fell in love with songs from the 50's and 60's -- think that has anything to do with Dirty Dancing?? Soul music is GOOD love music! Today, I found out that Seal is releasing a new album and it has one of my all time favorite love songs on it.

Yeah, go grab the one you love and become a sucker for a love song like me. Just don't make them listen to it over the phone. That's SO 8th grade.


Rhonda said...

I did the exact same thing!!! LOL Every moment of my high school like had a song attached to it.

Greg and I had "It's your Love" played during are wedding and My best friend during a video of us played before the wedding. Tim and Faith make beautiful music together. They are a power couple that's for sure!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Come on now... listening to them over the phone doesn't sound THAT eighth grade. Now listening to them from your bedroom, while a guy stands out in the rain holding a radio above his head... that... THAT... is definitely eighth grade. Or at least high school.

Our song? "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. The husband picked it. I am not responsible. It actually contains the phrase "the death of love." I know, I know.

..... Carmen said...

I found your site through 'Little things are Big'. So disappointed I couldn't get the videos to load! Exciting news that Seal is coming out with a new album. Beautiful voice. I too am a sucker for love songs, but would only belt them out (or any song) in the comfort of my own home. I take from your blog you and your sister have more than likely been blessed with beautiful voices ;)

Becky said...

"Your hair can never be too big."

Excellent! Cuz I have naturally big hair, and now I know it's ok. :)

Maria Rose said...

Sorry to brag a bit here, but I am married to a musician. He writes me love songs and they melt my heart!