Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm a Ho

It's true. I am a giveaway ho. I very rarely win anything, but I will enter any and all contests. When it is something I really, really, really want, well then, watch out! I have been known to actually ignore my children while the Bloggy Giveaways are happening. It's true, I'm a HO!

So, imagine with me, if you will...a giveaway with something I really need/want - a new printer. Ok, stop laughing. It's not just any printer - it's the Epson Artisan 800. It rocks the house! Steph got one and I have been coveting it ever since.

So, imagine my pure joy when I saw that they are giving one away over at Blissfully Domestic!!! WAHOO!!! Seriously, I was doing the happy dance at my house!

Ok, so you're saying, "Seriously Kim, it's just a printer!" Just a printer? Just a printer?!?! Can 'just a printer' do this?????
  • Smart, 7.8″ touch panel — large display lights up the buttons you need; includes a 3.5″ LCD to preview and print images. You can edit your photos on the printer, no laptop needed!
  • Fax, even in color — send and receive faxes right at home
  • WiFi— um, yeah, wifi! We love wifi! -- Jeremy was SO stoked about that part!
  • Bring old, faded photos back to life — easily restore the color to faded photos
  • Make sweet CDs/DVDs— print right onto CDs/DVDs
  • Cool projects — easily create note paper, cards and coloring books using your own photos
I didn't think so.

So, if you are in love with it, like me - head on over and enter the contest. Or don't, because if you don't then my chances of winning go up. Man, it's a good thing they don't have the lottery in Utah!

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Mama bee said...

Yeah well, you know what? You're turning me into a contest ho with all these posts about contests going on! Be sure to let us know when your sling is the giveaway of the day on the TipJunkie giveaway. I'd love to win it! :-)