Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Grief.

You know, you'd think that a big company like Motrin, would, I don't know do some research before launching a new ad campaign. You'd think that with all the money they have that they would actually put some of it into finding out what their target market is and not piss off the Mommies that they disrespected so.

You don't know what I'm talking about?? Go check it out. Click on that link up top. I'll wait. Thanks to Barb for transcribing the ad.

In case they pull the ad from their front page by the time you’re reading this (I sure hope they trash the entire campaign, and fast), I’m quoting the little video on their website front page, which they call a “Mom-versation“. The phrases in bold are my emphasis, though they have even better emphasis in the graphics in their ad.

Wearing your baby seems to be in fashion.

I mean, in theory it’s a great idea.

There’s the front baby carrier, sling, schwing, wrap, pouch.

And who knows what else they’ve come up with. Wear your baby on your side, your front, go hands free.

Supposedly, it’s a real bonding experience.

They say that babies carried close to the bod tend to cry less than others.

But what about me? Do moms that wear their babies cry more than those who don’t?

I sure do!

These things put a ton of strain on your back, your neck, your shoulders. Did I mention your back?!

I mean, I’ll put up with the pain because it’s a good kind of pain; it’s for my kid.

Plus, it totally makes me look like an official mom.

And so if I look tired and crazy, people will understand why.

Seriously? Seriously?!?! I am just stunned and well, angry. This ad is SO full of misinformation it gives me a headache. -- one that I refuse to use Motrin for.

I am going to just point out a few things.

First and foremost, if your babycarrier is giving you aches and pains, you are wearing it wrong. It should not hurt. It should not be uncomfortable. If it is, get someone to help you!!!!!!! It is much better for your back to wear your baby than it is to lug around a 20 pound carseat. It's better for your baby too. Oh, but wait, Motrin is all about the Mom, not the baby. So, we'll focus on Mom.

Second - if you feel the need to wear something to make you feel like an official Mom...well, you have bigger problems than the supposed aches and pains coming from your carrier of choice.

Third - they say "supposedly it's a real bonding experience" Well, guess what, it is! There is research to back it up.

Fourth - Wearing your baby seems to be in fashion -- oh yes, it is all the rage. Just ask the women in Africa, Asia and South America who have been doing it for MILLENIA. It's all about the fashion -- we are all that vain.

Fifth and final (for now) - any mom who looks tired and crazy does not look that way because she is wearing her baby, it's probably because of her 4 and 2 year old -- wait, maybe that's just me!

Are you offended, upset, irritated, or just have any opinion at all about this?? Let me know. Oh, and let Motrin know too. They really shouldn't mess with Moms.


Anonymous said...

I don't see why you are offended. They were not knocking a person carrying their baby in a sling, etc., they only said it puts more strain on your body, and it does. I have worn one of those carriers, and it hurt my shoulder and my back, but I still did it, because the babe has to be carried somehow, and a carrier is easier to carry a babe with. I think you are taking the commercial way to personally. I know you sell the product, but are you saying you never have pains because you use your carrier? If so, sign me up for one!!!

Kim said...

Dear Anonymous - had you left your information, I could have contacted you personally, instead, I am just hoping you come back here to read my response to your comment.

1. It should not hurt. If you are wearing it correctly, it should not hurt. If it does, you need to either get some help wearing it, or get a different carrier. If you are having issues with a sling, get a wrap, if it is a wrap, get something different. It should not hurt.
2. I do not have pains because I use my carrier-yes, that is what I am saying. Because I use it correctly, I don't hurt.
3. The ad was very condescending and rude. The tone of the whole thing was talking down to the Moms and saying that we did it for fashion. That is not why Mom's wear their babies. At least, not the majority of Moms.
4. I am not upset because I sell slings and this might be bad for business. Not at all. I am upset because it is (again) condescending and full of misinformation.

I hope this helps to clear up my stance a little bit for you.

Nicole said...

Want to see my tired and cranky?? Make me parent a baby without a sling! BIG FAT EYE ROLL (at Motrin) *sigh* there is such a wide variety of carriers out there, if one really doesn't work for you try something else, there is no one size fits all, but yes, if it hurts something is wrong. A big HERE HERE for everything you said in this post. (and I don't sell anything....I just think baby wearing is a good thing for all involved.)

Erin said...

I'm going to have to disagree with Anonymous and say that they were absolutely knocking babywearing moms by insinuating that it's done only to be trendy or so we can feel like real moms. Give me a break! I felt like a real mom the moment my son was in my arms... it didn't take a sling to make me feel that way.
Great post, btw.:)

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

I linked you to my post!
I was thinking too about the implications of baby wearing as a trend. Does that mean that having the actual baby is also an attempt to be trendy?

Sarah Long said...

That ad makes me want to gag. :o/ What a load of BS.

Kim said...

Absolutely! It is trendy to have babies. That is why I have let my body be stretched beyond comprehension 4 TIMES! Totally trendy, just like me ;)

AFarCryFromNormal said...

I can't seem to get their site to come up. Uh maybe they are frantically taking this upsurd nonsense down. Ugh! As a woman that is married to a marketer who understands marketing somewhat.......this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. They totally missed the mark here. Even if your "target" audience isn't "into" babywearing it is not good to alienate a different market. Their target audience is huge to do this is shooting themselves in the foot!

Oh ya I must be one of those trendy babywearing mothers too that just do things like this because it is "in"! Now in the defense of this ad, I did have more back pain when using a ring sling but using a Becco I don't. I have back problems though anyway so it all depends. But if you have back issues I think it is a matter of just changing carriers.

Have you seen the ad on here:

But to those Motrin people I guess Suave actors are just being "trendy" or they are just having these mommies wearing their babies just to target a certain audience (which may be true) but they are doing it right here!

Mama bee said...

Ugh. That ad is just ridiculous. Good breakdown in your post, and nice reply to anon.

And TRENDY?! I am far from trendy and I love babywearing. Frickin' ridiculous. I hope Motrin realizes how stupid this ad is.