Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letters to my Family

We'll go youngest to oldest...

Dearest Libby,

I love you so much.  You are such a sweet baby.  Thank you for letting me take a shower this morning.  Clean Moms are always a good thing to have.  I promise someday, you will totally understand this.

Thank you also for taking a good nap yesterday so I could make myself a new apron.  I really love it, and I really love you.



My Darling Amelia,

You are so cute and sweet.  I love that you love me, but really, you don't need to scream and cry on my floor (or in my bed) in the morning telling me you're ready for me to wake up.  I promise, I'll get up as soon as Libby is done nursing, PROMISE!

Also, could you please not hit your brother today?  Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, please don't lay on Libby today.

Thanks sweetie.


Sweet Seth,

You are the funniest boy I have ever met.  Thanks for making me laugh everyday.  And, while your cousin KC might laugh when you tell her it is "amazing" that you peed in your bed and had to go sleep in Mom and Dad's bed while they cleaned up your is not amazing.  It is amazing, however, that Mom was able to climb up on the top bunk and get your sheets off and almost get your new mattress pad on without waking up Amelia on the bottom bunk.  That, my friend, is amazing.

Thank you so much for cleaning up your mess while I take a couple of minutes to write this blog post.  You rock kiddo.

Also, one thing, could you please be kind to your sister today?  Remember that she is just 2 and that she doesn't understand that you have preferences of who you'd like to be?  That would be so great.

Love you bubs,

My darling,

Oh how I love you.  I love that last night, you came home from work, asked if I needed help with dinner and when I replied no, you ran downstairs to play with Seth.  Thank you also for making sure I eat my salads.  You know I love them, but don't love making them.  I love that after dinner, you mowed the lawn, came inside, played with Seth and Amelia, bathed them, read to them, and put them to bed.  All this, so I could clean up dinner and then sit down and lose myself in my book that your Mom sent me.

Also, thank you for letting me sleep this morning and keeping the kids out of our room.  You must have known I was up a lot last night with Libby.  You are the best.

Oh, and guess what?  Libby is 4 weeks know what that means don't you?  2 weeks baby....

Eternally yours...

To myself,

Please, be a little more gentle with yourself.  You don't have to do everything, and you don't have to be perfect.  Do as much as you can, and know that it will be good enough.

Also, do not berate yourself in the mirror.  You just had a baby FOUR weeks ago.  And, if you are really feeling so bad about your body, STOP eating handfuls of chocolate chips!  Limit your sugar to 1 night a week (if you really have to), and eat the way you know you should.

Be gentle with yourself and remember who you are.


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The Golden Star said...

Here I am on the internet avoiding the dishes and the messy kitchen, thinking of you and what you could possible be up to. Friend I am constantly thankful for you. You are a wonderful friend, an awesome mom, and a beautiful woman! Sure do love ya!