Sunday, September 21, 2008

A New Leaf

I have really been touched this week by reading about Nie Nie.  I am sure that many of you know about her, but if you don't, go to her site and her sister's site, and learn more about her.  She not only is a Mother, but really enjoys it.  After spending most of my day yesterday, snuggling my baby, playing with my older babies, and reading her blog...I have decided that i really need to turn over a new leaf.  I need to be better.  If something happened to me, what would my children remember?  Would they remember the Mom that played with them, laughed with them, and was kind?  Or would they remember the Mom that yelled, and was mean?  I really don't want them to remember the I am changing how I do things around here.

I am not going to spend as much time on the computer, more time with my babies.  I am going to play more, go on more nature walks, do more with my children that allow them to be just that, children.  Take slower walks where we can stop and look at everything in our path, sing more silly songs, make up more silly games, and just play a lot more.

Here are some pictures from this last week.  Yeah, there are a lot of them...but hey, I love my kiddos and we've had fun this week!  Oh, the picture of the doll?  That's A's new DeeDee doll.  I made her from the pattern for Kit found at Wee Wonderfuls.  Excellent pattern, fun to do and didn't take me too terribly long :)

L's first the Market of course!  4 days old

Sunbathing...the best way to help that Jaundice along.

Playing soccer with Meemaw...S was SO excited to play with his Meems and had SO much fun!

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