Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Love

Have I mentioned that my children are TOTALLY smitten with their new little sister?

Here is the cute Duck Soup Baby Sweater that I made for Miss L.  I am loving it, and I am sure she will too...when she appreciates it someday :)

Happy 2 week birthday L!  I'm so glad you're here...you're a miracle, I pray you always remember that.

Sweater Details:

Yarn: Rumplestiltskin Organic Cotton - sweater body, Cascade 220 for buttons
Needle size: US 7
Do it again?  In a heartbeat!  I actually have some wool yarn picked out to make her another! :)

In other news...head on over to the Nie Nie Benefit Sale at Etsy.  I am trying to get a sling in there, but we'll see!  It's a 2 day sale with all proceeds going to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielsen and their recovery.  Lots of great stuff!  Go check it out!

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