Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little Knitting...

I have been knitting, the bug has bit me again!  Usually, I don't get into the swing of knitting again until Fall, but this year, I know that there are things that MUST be done before Fall!

I have finished a soaker for the baby and some longies for him/her also.  No pictures yet because the yarn was bleeding (my fingers turned blue when knitting!), so I am setting the dyes as I type.  I have cast on for another pair of longies and hope to have them done by middle of next week.

I have to do socks for the 3 munchkins also before the baby gets here.  I really want to have them all have matching socks :)  All 3 need hats, as does J for this winter.  Also, we are coming up on our 7th anniversary in October.  The traditional gift for this anniversary is wool.  So, I am going to knit this sweater for J.

It's a pretty awesome sweater, and luckily J is small enough that I will make a size small :)  So, I can actually afford this sweater! :D  However, to get it done by October 19, I need to get started on it ASAP!

For me, I want him to buy me yarn (I am not sure what yarn yet) to make this sweater.  I am in LOVE with it!!!

I also need to make a sweater for the babe, and I really want to make a blanket for this one too.  But, I can only do so much, so I doubt that the blanket will get done.  Although, I have some beautiful organic cotton that Val gifted me...that would make such a nice soft blankie for the babe....

Ah, I find I run into this situation every year about this time.  So much I want to knit and only a small amount of time to do it in.  Luckily I will have lots of nursing knitting time, I love knitting with a new babe, they nurse and I knit, and they leave the yarn and needles alone!!!  WAHOO!!!!

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