Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah the love, can you feel it?

I sure can!!  Thanks for all the belly love my friends!  I love the comments, especially the ones that made me laugh out loud.  Like from my sister-in-law, Karen (who is due end of next week) --

And the other day at McDonalds a rather larger woman just looked me up and down and mouthed “OH MY GOSH”. Are you kidding me?!?! I wanted to mouth the same thing back to her but instead I just smiled. At least I know that in a couple of weeks when I have this kid my largeness will start to diminish - hers, not so much.

And from Steph --

I am 30 weeks along, too, and had a strange man ask me at the movies the other day if I was due “like yesterday?”

Then this one, from my other sister-in-law, Melissa...she's the smart a$$ of the family --

You are so huge!!! Are you having triplets )

I love you all, you make my day so much brighter and the love for my belly and my baby and me...well, it has this pregnant, hormonal Mama almost in tears.  Thanks.

On another fantastic note, my neighbor came over about an hour or so ago and took my kidlets.  She lives across the street and has a 15 month old little girl.  She knew that I was stressed and tired (J has had to work late almost every night this week), and so she just came and took them.  I am in heaven.  Do you hear that?  It's quiet.  Just me and my music.  No kids fighting, no one asking for food, no one asking for anything.  It is SO nice to have a break and recharge my batteries.
I've been doing lots of sewing, but I don't have any pictures to show for it.  Sorry!  I made 2 slings this week and a couple dresses, I'll take pictures and post them on Sunday (see, if I say an actual day, I'll have to do it!).  We have a swimming party for church tonight, it should be fun.  I'll try to remember to take my camera for pictures of that too!!!

Have a fabulous weekend my loves and enjoy the sunshine, where ever you are (even in London Vanessa!).

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