Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Yesterday my Bub turned 4. When Jer asked him how it felt to be 4, he looked down at himself, looked at us very confused and announced, "Wait! I'm still the same size!". Poor kid thought he was going to magically be bigger on his 4th birthday!!!

He had a great day though. We had a party planned for him with all his friends, but, A woke up on Sunday morning throwing up and continued throughout the day and into Monday morning. So, we've rescheduled it for tomorrow. At first he was really upset because he thought that meant he wouldn't have a birthday on Monday. Once we explained that it would still be his birthday, and we could do other things, he was much better with it. We're sad because a few of his friends can't make it on Wednesday, but it's better than getting everyone else sick!

So, we had a treasure hunt for his presents in the morning (a great way to start off a Pirate birthday!), had pirate pancakes, went to the grocery store (what a trooper..on his birthday even!), had lunch at McDonald's (one of the 2 times a year we go), went and saw Kung Fu Panda, then came home, played outside, had a spaghetti dinner and cake and ice cream. He told me it was the best birthday ever.

He's such a sweet boy and I am so lucky to be his Mom. Here are a few photos of my boy, with the last ones being of his birthday.

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