Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of those days.

You know those days? The ones where you wake up at 6 am to a toddler screaming for "nursies" and trying in vain to hold her off? Then when you finally get her back to sleep your 3 year old comes in and jumps on the bed, messes with your face and the spot on your head where the hair is matted away from a restless night sleep? Those days when you finally sneak out of bed to take a shower just to hear said 3 year old exclaim, "MOM! My sister is AWAKE!" then you hear her scream and cry, "I want YOU!" (this will be the first of MANY in the day). Those days when you yell at your dh, and both children before 7:30??? The ones where your 3 year old spanks you because you are yelling at his sister? The ones when both of your children are saying, "Mom, be nice.". Those days when you seriously wonder if you should be pregnant with another child, but know you can't do anything about it?
Yeah...I'm having one of those days.

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