Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ah, another day.

I love when those bad days end!  I was able to go to knit at our local yarn store on Thursday and had a good time chatting with friends and laughing.  Thank you all for your well wishes and love.  I appreciate it!

So, I'm going to be selling dresses at a boutique in Salt Lake on May 3rd.  The boutique is Art Inside, and it is going to be fabulous!!!  Go check out the blog for this awesome boutique!  Oh, and win some free earrings!!!

Speaking of dresses...wanna see my latest creation?  I intended on making this for the Gardener's Market and the boutique, but when I tried it on A to see what size it was, she wouldn't take it off!  So, I guess this is her new dress!!!

I have also been knitting!!!  I started a soaker for A a while ago, and finished it, but she pooped on it before I could get a picture of it!  So, you'll have to wait for that one.  After I finished that I decided she needed some shorties for this summer.  So, I made her a pair of shorties with Cascade 220, and another wool yarn that I don't know the name of.  I did the Curly Purly waste band, and Sheepy Pants shorts pattern.  I love them, and more importantly, so does she!

We've had some crazy spring weather here.  It was 80 on Monday, and snowy and 35 on Tuesday!  Ugh.  Today it will be beautiful, tomorrow snow.  I really don't love spring in Utah.  We got our garden started last weekend though, boy I can't wait for fresh garden veggies!

Well, now I'm off to sew.  If you're in the Salt Lake area, come to the Art Inside Boutique on May 3rd!!  There will be food, lots of great items to look at or purchase (it's the weekend before Mother's Day!), and fun!  Make it a girls day, we all need those!!!

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