Wednesday, March 26, 2008

These Cute Kids!

I don't have time to write a lot, but I wanted to share some pictures of the kidlets and what we've been up to. I didn't know that the climbing gene was genetic, but apparently it is. For those who don't know, J once (or maybe just once that he got caught) climbed to the top of his elementary school. I see that in our future...for both kids!

I went to a meeting last Thursday without the kids. I came home and found this house! They are so lucky to have such a cool Dad that makes them a house with a "passengerway" and a chimney!! The kids LOVE this...actually, I love it too!

Easter was a bit cool, but turned out to be a lovely day. We went to church and while we were there, the Easter Bunny came to visit. The kids were thrilled to find the treats in their baskets and then go for an Egg hunt in the back yard. S got a Lego Mater (from CARS) and A got a stroller for her babies. Both were huge hits!

To celebrate the beginning of Spring, the kids and I made ladybug rocks. Ok, S and I made them, aren't they cute?? We're giving them to family and friends, and I adore them! We put the eyes on them on Sunday afternoon. Oh, but we have to keep 4, because "Mom, they'd miss me too much!"

I love when my toddlers discover that they can nurse their babies through their bellybuttons! It's my favorite!!! I also love when they nurse their cars. Who needs gas?

And finally I leave you with a self portrait by S. He's getting to be quite the photographer! And such a cute face by Miss A!!!

One more cute thing to share. S is learning to sound out words, and generally does a really good job of it. Today, he was hiding in the curtains in the living room. Here is the conversation that followed;

S: Mom, the curtains are named "Opten Ta"
K: What?
S: The curtains are named Opten Ta!
K: Show me where you see that.
He then proceeds to show me the anchor for the pulley on the curtains. It reads: TO OPEN
Not too shabby eh? He is so funny and so smart, it cracks me up and amazes me daily. I love that kid.

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